Adidas Canada Louis Vuitton tours Moscow

Adidas Canada   August 6, 2015   Comments Off on Adidas Canada Louis Vuitton tours Moscow

Louis Vuitton tours Moscow

Moscow’s Spiridonov Hous Adidas Canada e in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane has opened an exhibition “Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion by Katie Grand”. The 23 mannequins arrived to Moscow from London and will stay through to December 25.

The exhibition was prepared for the grand opening of Louis Vuitton boutique in London’s Bond Street. It revea Adidas Canada ls the past 13 years of the brand’s evolution under the watchful eye of genius designer Marc Jacobs. He is the one who gave a second lease of life to the conservative French lux brand. His constant contact with contemporary artists and designers from around the world helped transform the brand and make it a cutting edge company.

Probably the most remarkable transformation came Adidas Canada to the style of Louis Vuitton, with the name of Japanese Takashi Murakami, who worked out a whole palette of colorful patterns for the fashion house. These became an obsession for ladies all over the world Adidas Canada , being massively replicated and copied everywhere from East to West.

Katie Grand, a prominent figure in the contemporary culture of England, a journalist and a stylist who has been working with Marc since 1997, is curator of the project. In fact she messed up all his creativity: she has done something no orthodox curator would ever do. Instead of organizing outfits and accessories by years and collections, she mixed pieces from all seasons and years, dressing the mannequins according to her own taste. Which, by the way, is exclusively good.

As a result the exhibition includes 23 dummies, decorated with well known logos, with Louis Vuitton bags on their heads and dressed in classy clothes from different eras make a unique finished art installation which is worth seeing while it is here.