Adidas Canada Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Ba

Adidas Canada   August 6, 2015   Comments Off on Adidas Canada Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Ba

Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag

150,000 dollars for a bunch of crap! Are you serious? At least for The Olsen twins who just signed an advertising Adidas Canada deal mounting to astronomical figures for Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag, this so called the most expensive and ugliest handbag in the world is not just one night sensation.

What else could you comment on Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag? It is completely wrapped with almost all kinds of urban garbage we can spot every day such as plastic bag, supermarket receipt, cigarette package even deserted water bottle. It will be a perfect match if you handle the bag and wear a gunny sack. Ho! Ho! I’m a goddes Adidas Canada s from garbage planet.

However, I never doubt of the fever this collection will spur. There are always rich and energetic teenagers willing to splurge on anything which can bring them exclusivity and attentions. Wherever it is taken, Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag will always b Adidas Canada e in the spotlight. Indulging in the hot eyes mixing with surprise, scorns, mock and envy, that’s what those kids are desperately searching for.

The sk Adidas Canada y high price and limited distribution clear showed that this is just another marketing trick. Anyway, luxury and avant garde art can always add additional flavor for a life of dull routine and environmentalists some may treat it as an alarm.