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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was created in 185 Adidas Canada 4. It is now attached to Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group, French exclusive luxury product industry. Its creator Louis Vuitton helped the upper class pack for his first job. He has witnessed the invention of steam train and the development of steamships. He also has a sound understanding of the difficulty of packing round top leather cases at that time.

Louis Vuitton himself therefore was inspired to create flat top leather cases. He opened his first shop in Paris. His design was soon imitated and flat top leather cases become popular. The initial Louis Vuitton handbags were decorated with grey canvas handbags on the surface. In 1896, Louis Vuittons son George used the abbreviation of his fathers name, L and V with flower patterns. This design gained its popularity till the twen Adidas Canada tieth century. During the First World War, to meet the needs of time, Louis Vuitton changed to produce foldable stretchers for military use. After the war, it focused on making travel case again, which was adorned by some famous people. When the era of Gaston, Louis Vuittons grandson, came, its products had reached the peak of luxury, pushing forward types of cases for special use. Some were equipped with brush and mirror made of hawksbill and elephant teeth. Additionally, Louis Vuitton Company also satisfied certain patrons requirement and made various kinds of products for them particularly.

Almost a century has gone, but Canvas handbags carved with LV becomes classic and fashion along with its rich legendary color and elegant design. For a hundred years, although the world has witnessed lots of changes and peoples pursuit as Adidas Canada wel Adidas Canada l as conception of beauty has changed accordingly, Louis Vuitton manages to keep it reputation worldwide. Its charm is incomparable.