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Adidas Canada   August 6, 2015   Comments Off on Adidas Outlet Lower speed limits will create

Lower speed limits will create road havoc

We surprised sometimes by the things you don get upset about.

We wait in anticipation after publishing a scandalous story, only to be met with silence.

O Adidas Outlet ften, when politicians are caught flushing money down the toilet we haven received one letter a Adidas Outlet bout the ORNGE air ambulance fiasco, for instance or once, even when accusations by female employees of inappropriate behaviour from a councillor were swept under the rug.

I say to my editors. OK with this? are also occasions when we surprised by what upsets you.

For instance, we now know bags matter letters poured in when stores banned plastic bags and again when the region mandated biodegradable bags in green bins.

It has always been clear, however, that anything to do with traffic from stop signs, speed bumps and road closings to speed limits, fines, red light cameras and road tolls will generate an avalanche of reaction.

We are commuters. We are busy. We need to get to lots of places and we need to get there fast because we are late or busy.

To this day, I recall weeks of debate on our Op Ed pages after a reader begged slow drivers to stick to the right lane. I recall the response from Mr. Albert, who considered it his civic duty to drive at the speed limit in the passing lane.

I think of him when I stuck behind an old man, with his fedora topped head barely reaching over the steering wheel, crawling along like Superman on sedatives.

But I admit to being surprised by the number of letters and outrage expressed over York Region decision to lower some speed limits.

Last year, council decided to lower speed limits to 60 km/h in urban areas and them on portions of roads that were once rural but are now urban corridors. They changed my mind on the issue.

While we need low speeds in neighbourhoods, where children play and pedestrians abound, most research refutes the idea slower is safer on major roadways. Department of Transportation study collected speed and accident data in 22 states at 100 sites on rural and urban highways before and after limits were altered.

The study found raising or lowering speed limits had little effect on speed or accidents.

Rather than bolster the theory that accident severity is proportional to vehicle speed, studies blame the Mr. Alberts for roadway chaos.

The risk for being in an accident is highest when you travelling at a speed much lower or higher than the majority of moto Adidas Outlet rists.

Speed limits should be set with practicality and regard of basic human behaviour:

Most of us drive in a safe and reasonable manner, with consideration of conditions, to reach our destination without endangering ourselves or others;

Laws should penalize the few individuals whose behaviour jeopardizes the majority of the public;

Laws can be effectively enforced without the voluntary compliance of the majority;

Research and experience show effective speed limits are those at which the majority of motorists naturally drive and that raising and lowering speed limits doesn substantially influence that speed.

While the region decision to lower speed limits likely comes from a well meaning but misguided attempt to make our roads safer, its arbitrary and unrealistic actions will only create more havoc on our roads and reinforce a socially acceptable disre Adidas Outlet gard for speed limits.