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Lowes Foods deals 1

I had an experience at the Lowes Foods at 3480 Kildaire Farm Rd today, and was wondering if this is a change at this store or all of them. I picked up a few clearance items (with the red bar code), and when I checked out, the cashier denied my coupon use. I had purchased the items exactly as required, they were just 50% off. When I asked at the service desk, th Adidas Outlet g> Adidas Outlet e manager confirmed that I could not use the coupons, because the items were already discounted. I had them Adidas Outlet refunded, but I have never had this problem before. Has anyone else?

Thanks Faye, I too struggle with making the Fresh Rewards deals work, they are usually cost prohibitive unless the price is good and coupons match up, which didn’t happen ve Adidas Outlet ry often for me.

Finesse, on the meat deal, since it is sold by the pound (not a fixed price per package), they’re saying that if you buy a 2 lb package, it would be half price (one lb paid for, one pound free)