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Gibbs: Hello, Director Vance.Vance: I know how excited you two are about working together. I told Sec Nav I have my best people on this case. A lot of nervous people at the Pentagon. Don’t make me come out there.Nate: (referring to Gibbs) You should have slept with him way back then. Adidas Shoes Whenever then was. I was probably in Elementary School, yeah?Macy: How do you know I didn’t?Nate: I can tell yo Adidas Shoes u right now.Macy: Don’t answer that!Nate: Okay. Cool.Macy: You scare me.Nate: Yep.Macy: Leave.Callen: Is there a reason we’re not meeting in a bar right now?Gibbs: Well, yeah. It’s 10 o’clock in the morning.Callen: I don’t know what’s worse: getting older or getting wiser.Macy: Why do you Adidas Shoes want to know?Callen: Just looking out for my familyMacy: G, you don’t have any family.Callen: That’s cold, Mace!Macy: But true.Callen: Gibbs is family. you, too.Callen: I’ll just ask Gibbs about what happened.Macy: Yeah, let me know if you do. I want to be there to see him sit you on your ass.McGee: (after Sam sends Abby a photo using a giant touch screen) Oh, I really gotta get one of these.Nate: It’s called a legend. It’s a word coined by the Stasi, the East German Secret Police, during the Cold War. Now, their idea was to create a cover so deep it could stand up to any scruti Adidas Shoes ny: passports, documents, work papers, even family histories, and none of it true. All a. a legend. I would hate for your actions to cause an incident by staying here any longer, Rivkin.