Adidas Shoes Los MariachisI’d rather no

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Los Mariachis

I’d rather not bother with Los Mariachis anymore; however, my ladies’ b’day group loves it, so I’m stuck. We’ve gone here 1 2 times a year for 4 years now. I guess my friends like it b/c Mariachis’s has a huge sombrero that the b’day person can wear on their head and if you want, they will sing “happy b’day” to you, but they did not at this month’s gathering. I think my friends like it, too, because it is decorated with brig Adidas Shoes ht colors and its close proximity to everyone’s house (well, not mine). This month’s b’day group visit was an epic fail for me personally, although one other in my group did remark that “the service is really bad today!”

Our server was the disappearing type. He showed up occasionally, but never when needed. We (party of 5) waited to be greeted, upon being seated; then waited to get drink orders taken; then waited for drinks to be brought; then waited 20+ minutes to place our order; after tracking the waiter down.

This poor waiter was clueless as far as paying attention to diner’s needs. For example, when sharing my lackluster chicken na Adidas Shoes cho appetizer with friend across the table (zero flavor chicken tasted fresh from a crock pot and instead of a flavorful pepper, they used a boiled tasting green bell pepper cheese was the only redeeming factor on the plate), a tall glass of water spilled on the slightly tilted table, all over my dress, and onto the floor, continuing to drip throughout the meal. We’re talking a BIG glass, like 20 ounces of water. How can someone not notice this and help out?!?!?! I had to go from table to table where they had napkins out in little napkin holders and repeatedly mop up the spill, not to mention my sad nachos were further ruined by being half covered with ice cubes. Waiter never helped out. Waiter never offered to replace nachos. sad. My b’day friend was enjoying herself so I did not want to distract from her celebration.

Also, on this June evening, they had live entertainment with random trivia questions thrown in by the singer/guitarist. This entertainment was so loud in such a small place that none of us could converse. My party of b’day revelers kept praying this guy would take a break.

They have a lovely patio out front and it made me wonder why they could not put the entertainment on the patio, so patrons could wander in and out to listen to the songs that they wanted to hear. NO one was seated on the patio, it would have been perfect and it was not too hot that day.

Normally, I order take out for dear Hubs, but didn’t bother due to the flavorless quality of the food. He loves chicken quesadillas, but I doubt they would have been good, since my chic Adidas Shoes ken nachos lacked flavor. So, I didn’t bother with that.

I’m hopeful that those of my friends mark Los Mariachis off the b’day list, and maybe the loud music was the deal breaker this time for others in my party.

Sorry Los Mariachis .

Don’t listen to all these negative reviews. These snobs were expecting some 5 star Las Vegas restaurant. Well, sorry to inform you, but it’s just a local Mexican joint in the neighborhood.

But anyway, on to my review. Great place to eat. I love it. It’s small but perfectly small. I prefer a quiet atmosphere as opposed to a restaurant where you can hear the kitchen workers yelling to each other, kids running around unattended, etc etc. You don’t get that here. I mean the place has been in business for at least 5 years by now they must be doing something right!

Consistency is very important and Los Mariachis is consistent, consistently mediocre at best. Located near my home and but very disappointing. I have dined in about 8 times and each time the same mediocre quality. Today I ordered carryout for the first time, ordering 3 full meal menu items. When I got to my car I realized I had only received 2 bags of chips and 2 cups of salsa to go with the 3 dinners so I went back in to get the 3rd bag of chips and the 3rd cup of salsa. When I made my request I was informed in extremely curt terms that 2 bags of chips and 2 cups of salsa was normal for 3 dinners no offer to let me purchase an additional bag and cup just a rude stare. Needless to say that was my last t Adidas Shoes rip to Los Mariachis.