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Lose For Good Wrap Up

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from Weight Watchers Leaders, Receptionists and Members all over the country who have found great motivation in the Lose For Good campaign.

Over the past six weeks, we’ve heard from Weight Watchers Leaders, Receptionists and Members all over the country who have found great motivation in the Lose For Good campaign. Each week, we’ve posted highlights from Texas to Wisconsin, Georgia to California, and plenty of locations in between. Our September 15 roundup brought the story of Debbie Hugo, a Seattle Leader, whose brainstorm to find ways of keeping her Members motivated led to a local food drive. As she told us, “I wanted to do something that was just silly enough that it would have my stamp on it,” and so the model of Members donating one pound of food to match each one pound of weight they lost was born. When Weight Watchers’ president and CEO David Kirchhoff visited her Meeting location in 2007, he saw what Hugo was doing and realized it would work on a far larger scale.

Fast forward to the campaign’s launch on Sept Adidas Shoes ember 7, and already the food drives were going strong. On September 17, we wrote about the Austin, TX Members that were so gung ho about the effort that they were planning another food drive around the holidays. And in Ocean, NJ, Leader Bo Adidas Shoes b Lewis had his eyes opened by talking to his local food banks, not having realized previously just how desperate their needs were. “Some of the places we’ve talked to are practically screaming for food,” he told us.

Food for flood

Fond du Lac, WI, was on our map on September 22, where we learned about a local Weight Watchers center that had been hit by a flood as a result of a devastating storm. Undaunted, the group continued to meet in the center that, located in a basement, was hit first by water and then by mold, and they threw themselves into the Lose For Good campaign. The local Salvation Army was the beneficiary of their food donations.

During the following week, Members in Newnan, GA were motivated to go beyond the campaign’s target of one pound of food for every pound of weight lost. Richard Anastasoff, who works at five meetings there, told us that Members were bringing in pounds of food to match all the pounds of weight they’d lost so far on the Weight Watchers program.

Moving into October, we talked to people in Maryland and California. Janet Krogen, a Meetings Leader in Redding, CA told us what it was like living in an area that was hit hard by wildfires. Canned donations at the local Shasta Food Group had dwindled dramatically during the crisis, so Weight Watchers members created their own “Mount Life Change” food pile that they donated to the organization.

As the campaign drew to a close, Members in Hartford County, CT told us about one of their local food pantries, in Farmington. In Fairview Heights, IL, the food collected at the Weight Watchers meeting location was donated to the local food pantry along with “birt Adidas Shoes hday bags.” The bags each included a cake mix, frosting, candles, cards, and lots of other items to make a birthday complete. The Weight Watchers team thought it was important that everyone had a chance to celebrate a birthday, any time of the year. And from Prospect Heights, IL, Weight Watchers Territory Manager Shelly Elaty told us that her group had started charging admission to their fall staff meetings to the tune of five pounds of food per person.

Weight Watchers corporate staff also got involved with the effort, from piles of donated food in the staff kitchen to individual volunteering efforts. “My two boys and I visit the Union Square Farmer’s Market [in New York City] nearly every week, especially in the Fall,” she says. “They’ve often asked me what happens wi Adidas Shoes th the leftover food. This was a wonderful opportunity to not only have them see first hand how the farmers donate to local food banks, but also for them to be part of that process.” Theresa and gang, accompanied by a handful of other Weight Watchers employees, packed up dozens of bags with corn, broccoli, and greens. “Now when the kids see the big City Harvest truck at the market, they get excited and want to help some more. They know there are kids in the world that go to bed hungry and they want to help do something about it.”