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Losic Group

Two papers from biosensing and graphene research teams are accepted for publications in Nanoscale and Carbon.

A. Santos, T. Kumeria, Y. Wang, D. Losic, In situ monitored engineering of inverted nanoporous anodic alumina funnels: On the precise generation of 3D optical Adidas Shoes nanostructures, Nanoscale, 2014

The Advertiser (Bussiness): “Valence Industries, University of Adelaide sign $800,000 deal for joint graphene research program.” Valence Industries, the owner and operator of the country’s only graphite mine at Uley, 22 kms from Port Lincoln, said the investment over 3.5 years was for a joint research, development and commercialisation of all new graphene research and would include establishing a Graphene Research Centre at the University.

25 March 2014

Media release, “Archer, uni research to value add SA graphite” is published in The Advertiser (Business journal) to inform signing research agreement between The University of Adelaide (Prof. Losic group) and Archer Exploration for collaboration on development new value products based on graphene isolated from locally supplied graphite.23 March 2014

Exciting week for our graphene research team is concluded with the second research agreement with the South Australian graphite company. Mana Adidas Shoes ging Director and CEO, Christopher Darby from Valance Indus Adidas Shoes tries signed Joint Research, Development Commercialisation Agreement with a significant financial support and a long partnership with the University and our group. The Valance Industries will support joined graphene research with focus on development new material and technologies based on graphene.

21 March 201421 March 2014

Our paper Y. Wang; A. Santos, G. Kaur; A. Evdokiou; D. Losic, Structurally engineered anodic alumina nanotubes as new nanocarriers for delivery o Adidas Shoes f anticancer therapeutics, is accepted in Biomaterials (IF=7.604, first ranked journal in materails science and biomaterails).

This research is colaboration with Cancer Research group lead by Prof Andreas Evdokiou, from QEH Basil Hetzel Institute

20 March 2014

Our research team developed new method for scalable production of graphene from natural graphite. The first batch of graphene (1kg) is produced from graphite supplied from South Australian mines and our Industry partners.

15 March 2014

Dr Mahaveer Kurkuri is leaving our group after 3 years and he will take A/Prof position at Jain University, Centre for Nano and Material Sciences, Bangalore, India. He will stay in contact with the group us adjunct Senior Research Fellow.

25 February 2014

Dr Saji Viswanathan joined our group for six months as Endeavour Research Fellow and will work on drug delivery project

17 21 February 2014

Four new PhD students joined our group. Mahdieh Nemati and Faisal Alotaibi will work on biosensing project and Ramesh Karunagaran and Julker Nine will work on graphene projects.

05 February 2014

Farewell for our group member Tariq Altalhi being with us 4 years who submitted PhD thesis and left to start ne position at Taif University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3 February 2014

Research presented by PhD student Sheena Chen at ICONN2014 ACMM23 conference as part of our research on using nanotechnology for pest control and grain protection attracted media attention (ABC news).[PDF]