Adidas Shoes Losing that weight is really a

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Losing that weight is really all in the mind

It’s a fact that the psychology of weight loss is very important in order to improve a person’s chances of losing weight and of sustaining weight loss.

How we think in Adidas Shoes fluences how we feel and how we behave. CBT is based on the premise that it is our thoughts which cause our feelings and behaviours, and not external things, like people, situations, and events.

It works to help us change t Adidas Shoes he way we think so that we can feel more positive and motivated, and can choose our actions and behaviour, even if the situation in which we are in doesn’t change.

There are many examples of incorrect thinking which lead to a person not achieving lasting weight loss. Two of the main ones I’ve found are that people think they “will go on a diet” for a certain length of time and then come off and go back to “normal” eating. I always encourage people to change their thoughts around dieting to “this is a healthy eating plan for the rest of my life”.

The other example of distorted thinking occurs as people have a great sense of urgency around weight loss that it has to be achieved now. Of course, if they have already changed the first thought and now see that it’s a sensible eating plan and exercise programme for life that is needed, then they already see there is no Adidas Shoes urgency.

Other examples of incorrect thinking occur when people eat in an unplanned way. Perhaps they might eat a bag of crisps or chocolate which may only amount to 200 calories, at this point very little damage has been done. However, in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy what is known as “black and white thinking” kicks in where they then say “well I’ve blown it for today, so I might as well eat what I want and start back tomorrow.”

They, therefore, turn what is a 200 calorie mistake which wouldn’t have caused weight gain into perhaps a 2,000 calorie mistake.

Other examples of incorrect thinking are around emotional eating where a person says “I’ll eat this because Adidas Shoes I’m tired/ stressed/upset/fed up/bored/lonely”. After all, a person who is slim does not use any of the above as a reason for eating they just think different thoughts and, therefore, have a different relationship with food.

There may also be thoughts from childhood that the person is still using, for example, “I cannot waste food by putting it in the bin, look at all the starving children in Africa”. While, of course, it’s unwise to waste food, the waste occurs through buying excess food. CBT teaches us how to change our habitual thoughts so in this example the person challenges their own thinking by recognising that the food they may leave on their plate has no relationship to the sad fact of children starving in Third World countries.

Incorrect thinking around food and exercise is why people gain weight. We look at incorrect thinking to help people lose weight, achieve health and fitness and to live a balanced lifestyle.