Adidas Shoes Losing to North DakotaIf t

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Losing to North Dakota

If the Winnipeg airport could keep every passenger it loses to airports in Grand Forks and Fargo, it could add, and fill, a direct flight to Phoenix and another to Florida every day of the year. Rempel said he understands as much as hal Adidas Shoes f of Allegiant’s passengers are Canadian.

Sabrina Lopiccolo, public relations manager at Allegiant, said the company doesn’t make “a deliberate attempt to pull Canadians” but acknowledged that has happened.

“In Grand Forks we have a significant amount of passengers that are crossing the border,” she said, declining to give hard numbers but noting the number is growing every year. “I know flying through Canada is a little bit more expensive so people don’t seem to mind.”

Danielle Tetrault, a resident of Ste. Anne, Man., certainly doesn’t mind. She’s taken two trips to Las Vegas through Grand Forks with Allegiant, and saved about $300 per person between the flights and the hotel Allegiant sold her as Adidas Shoes part of the package.

“I’ve recommended it to many people,” she said. “It’s super fast. You park and you’re basically a two minute walk from the terminal. The parking is only $6 a day and you’re not fight Adidas Shoes ing with this big airport to get your bags.”

Tetrault said she has no patriotic dilemma giving her business to the Grand Forks airport instead of Winnipeg’s.

“For $300, no, I don’t feel bad,” she said.

The problem is the same across Canada.

A recent study done for the National Travel and Tourism Coalition found that, even with additional ground transport costs, Greater Toronto Area residents can fly cheaper from Buffalo than from Pearson Airport, whi Adidas Shoes ch is Canada’s busiest.