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Speedy bags by Louis Vuitton are very popular. If you are not satisfied with the size of the Speedy 30, there is another option. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier is an excellent choice for fashionistas out there. A carry all bag is just what a professional career woman needs. Check it out at the LV official website and determine if it the one you need.

The Speedy 35 is not just available in Damier but also in the monogram classic. However, some individuals prefer the dark checkered shade of this collection. For men or women who are used to sophisticated lifestyle, the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 is a must have. The size of this bag is just enough to provide you with adequate space for your things.

Celebrities love designer products and that includes the Speedy bags. Some of the popular celebrities that own such bags are Snoop Dog, Pia Tescano, Zendaya, Blair Fowler, Miranda Kerr, Belinda Peregrin, and Bella Thorne. The price of the bag at present is over $800 but because of its sensuous appeal, it is well loved by men and women. LV products are expensive, and this is given because you are paying for the brand name. The delicate design will remain stylish over the years, and it is great for traveling as well.

Why are the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier and other LV products very expensive? The brand name represents excellence and class especially in the designer handbag category. Each product of LV requires delicate work, and usually takes one week to finish. By getting the authentic Speedy 35, you can be sure that the bag will last for many years without ripping or tearing.

Carry alls are usually used when traveling, and since the weather is unpredictable, you never know when it is going to rain. With a waterproof and fireproof bag, you don have to worry about anything. The canvas used in the Damier collections resists water, so even if the bag gets wet, all you have to do is wipe it dry.

Designer bags are popular for their timelessness, and this includes the Speedy 35 of the Damier collection. Even if years pass, the bag will never go out of style. In fact, you can still see LV bags made in the 1980 and are still in excellent condition today.

Have you ever heard of appreciation in designer bag values? This is true especially if you know how to take good care of your precious bag. Bags that date back to the eighties or nineties that are still in good condition are hot items for collectors of LV bags. If you happen to own one, you can make a lot of money from it.

The market is saturated with many fake designer items. Imitations are saleable since many people can afford to purchase the authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier. However, you shouldn make it a habit to purchase fakes because the bags won last a long time. To be sure that you getting authentic LV bags, you should know the right places to shop. The official website is one, and you can start from there.

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There are a lot of well loved handbag models from the House of Louis Vuitton. One of these is the Alma, a bag that was originally named for the Elysees the grand boulevard that is lined with shops and cafes that lies in the heart of Paris. Over time, it was re christened the Alma, after the juncture where the Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine. The Alma came out in the 1930 but LV continues to create new versions of this classic, such as the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma.

The lv Epi Alma is a masterpiece of tradition and innovation. While the original Alma bag was made in Monogram Canvas and Damier, the Alma in Epi dresses the timeless silhouette in ten shades of eye catching textured leather. Of course, this bag still retains the double zips, padlock, inner pocket and bottom studs that makes the Alma such a user friendly bag.

At this point, you may already be a bit tempted to buy your own LV Epi Alma. But which one would be best for you? Thanks to the wide range of hues available, you find that there an LV Epi Alma to suit all kinds of personalities.

1. For the conservative woman. If you a big fan of classics, then you can go wrong with an Alma in a classic, subdued shade. You can choose from the Alma Noir, Ivoire, or Gres black, white, and grey variants that will go very well with a little black dress and pearls or a well made tweed suit and a brooch a la Coco Chanel.

2. Extroverted. Women who love glamour and feel the need to socialize will simply fall in love with the Epi Alma in the two toned textured leather variants. The Electric Noir is a gorgeous bag that you can carry with a pair of killer heels and a deep red dress. On the other hand, the Prune Electric will allow you to add a pop of color that will make your outfit even more eye catching. Both these bags will simply turn heads when you walk into the party.

3. For the hopeless romantic. Girls who love to love and still believe in fairy tale endings will find the rose and purple variants of the Epi Alma very much to their liking. The Fuschia and Indigo models are just right for adding a bit of nostalgia and sweetness to your ensembles. They go very well with a floral chiffon dress or a pair of jeans and an ivory top.

4. For the artist. The Epi Alma is a bag that eminently suited to women who like to take the road less travelled. It a bag simply made for girls who enjoy beauty and like to express themselves, allowing the rest of us to see the world loveliness through their eyes. The Alma in Citron, Menthe, Cyan or Piment is perfect for a spontaneous and free spirited lady who can get away with wearing cowboy boots with her dresses.

It doesn matter wha Nike Adidas Shoes t kind of girl you are there a Louis Vuitton Alma that was simply made to make you happy.

For these of you who would really like a detailed review of the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma, please go to Louis Vuitton Alma for more. You will also be capable to get entry to this shoes for the lowest price anyplace on the net.

The House of Louis Vuitton is no doubt one of the biggest and most well known names when it comes to ladies handbags. Despite its beginnings as a French luggage maker in the 1800 it now has an international reputation that synonymous with the most desirable classics in leather and coated canvas, like the Speedy and the Neverfull. Louis Vuitton has an extensive collection that features clutches, satchels, and cross body bags, but Louis Vuitton shoulder bags are generally the biggest favourites when it comes to everyday bags. If you planning to get one, here are some tips for picking out the best Louis Vuitton shoulder bags.

1. Get a bag that easy to access. When you hunting for a shoulder bag, then accessibility is one of the most important considerations. It important to be able to get your wallet or your keys without having to set your bag down somewhere, so make sure you can grab your stuff with one hand while you carrying your bag.

Safety also plays a role in choosing an accessible shoulder bag. If you do a lot of walking in busy urban areas, then it might be best to get a bag that closes with a zipper, much like the LV Brea or perhaps the Sully. Meanwhile, a snap closure like the one on the Artsy usually makes for a better and is ideal if you have a car or don frequ Nike Adidas Shoes ent any dangerous areas.

2. Pick a bag that got compartments. You can beat a big tote bag for convenience just throw everything in there and you good to go. However, unless your bag has several compartments inside it, you could easily end up wasting time hunting for your belongings as they around inside your huge handbag. Luckily, LV bags usually have interior zipped pockets and D rings for keys.

If you want to get a really large handbag like a Galliera GM or a Neverfull GM, then it might be smart to buy a bag organizer if you like to find your essentials fast. An organizer will also help balance out the bag, so your things won go sliding around while you move.

3. Find a bag that you can carry comfortably. Comfort is key when it comes to an everyday shoulder bag. LV makes it a point to prioritize comfort as well as style and utility, but each woman is created different. If it impossible for you to try on the bag for instance, if you buying online, be smart about choosing the right shoulder straps.

Some of the more comfortable shoulder bags from LV are the Totally and the Delightful; if you planning to fill your bag with a lot of things, then these are probably smart choices. However, for small, light bags it is okay to pick one with a thinner strap or a chain.

Louis Vuitton shoulder bags make a really fine investment. If you take the trouble to choose yours with care, it is sure to end up a staple in your wardrobe.

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At present, Louis Vuitton has surpassed its previous reputation as the go to brand for great luggage items. Today, LV is better known as a high fashion brand that created a lot of fine handbags, wallets, shoes, and even accessories like costume jewellery and shawls. There no doubt that buying LV is a great investment, and you want to make sure that your purchases from the Louis Vuitton store will see a lot of use. The key lie Nike Adidas Shoes s in picking just the right pieces, so here are some tips for buying at the Louis Vuitton store.

1. Get some LV classics. If you buying at LV, there no need to be coy about it. In fact, you want the world to know that you smart enough to get only the best in terms of style and quality. That why you shouldn hesitate to get an item that going to be instantly identified as an LV classic.